Valero issues its own credit cards for its gas stations through its exclusive Valero Credit Card subsidiary, DSRM Banque Nationale. The initials stand for “Diamond Shamrock Refining & Marketing”, the Diamond Shamrock entity that made it before Valero bought it. The credit card company is based in Amarillo, Texas, a city where Diamond Shamrock was previously based.Valero-Credit-Card Valero tried to shift its focus from a discount gasoline brand to a premium brand. As part of this change, Valero has rebranded its Ultramar, Beacon, Total, and Diamond Shamrock stations under the Valero brand. Retailers use the Beacon and Shamrock brands as a cost-effective alternative to the premium Valero brand.Valero-Credit-Card-Fuel-Pump

The Shamrock brand name is based on the former Shamrock Oil and Gas Company, which merged with Diamond Alkali to form Diamond Shamrock in 1967, declaring the official discontinuation of the brand. Although the Ultramar name was abandoned in the United States, the Valero brand remained in Canada. Valero unveiled its updated “corner store” retail concept on December 28, 2007, and opened the company’s first 5,500 square foot (510 m2) prototype in West San Antonio.

The Valero credit card is one of the best credit cards to buy gas. This credit card is issued by the National Bank DSRM. The Valero card is known as the Valero Energy Corporation gas card. The Valero card is very popular and used in the United States of America. The following article will provide you with all the guides you need to know about the Valero Gas Credit Card.

The Corner Store retail division, originally part of Diamond Shamrock, was added to Valero’s retail portfolio in 2001. Not all Valero gas stations included a convenience store: a Valero gas station in Euless, Texas, east of Fort Worth, shares the brand with a 7-Eleven convenience store.

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